The Problem
The cannabis market is heavily saturated with wellness-focused luxury products or tie-dye rasta branding. The edibles market in particular is intimidating, as many consumers have horror stories from taking too much of a product that is ultimately one of the most therapeutic forms of cannabis consumption. Heavenly Sweet has existed since 2010 in California and its mission has always been to make edibles accessible.
The Solution
I developed a brand strategy and identity hinging on diverse illustrative imagery, soft colors, clean type, and simple-to-understand educational language that is easy and approachable to new and old consumers. #EdiblesforAll.

2015 logo design

Business card for Sheila Dedenbach

Business card for Dirk Bredthauer

Label design for our treat line. Chocolate crispy treat shown.

Label design for our munchie line. Muddy buddies shown.

Label design for our squookie (square-cut cookie) line. Gingersnap squookie shown.

Edibles List magazine ad

Edibles List magazine ad

2018 Christmas card

Flashcard for new patients

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