The Problem
Blue Diamond Almonds secured a partnership with USA Swimming for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and needed a campaign that showed that partnership in a dynamic and personal way. BDA is run by a collective of family-oriented farmers in Sacramento, CA.
The Solution
I had the unique position of having grown up in CA, being a lifelong swimmer (competitively for 12 years), speaking Portuguese and having a strong knowledge of Brazilian culture. The campaign I concepted was "The Lane to Greatness," celebrating all of the hard work and community it takes to make a top swimmer, just the same as the hard work and community it takes to run an almond farm. The campaign launched at the Aquazone qualifiers in Omaha, Nebraska with a booth presence and interviews with qualifying swimmers, was supported by a TV spot, microsite, consumer contest, healthy recipe videos, and the first ever underwater VR experience through the perspective of Olympic swimmer Matt Grevers.

Lane to Greatness Underwater VR Experience

VR experience movie poster for the AquaZone in Omaha, NB

Microsite layout

Nutritionist Recipe Video: Antioxidant, Quinoa Salad with Toasted Almonds

Nutritionist Recipe Video: Brussel Sprouts w/ Shallots & Almonds

Nutritionist Recipe Video: Antioxidant-Packed Trail Mix

Booth "Step and Repeat" for the AquaZone in Omaha, NB

Pull-up banners for the AquaZone in Omaha, NB

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